Sampling, if done properly, is an accepted and efficient way to sell veneer. If done improperly, sampling can mis-represent a flitch of veneer and lead to serious problems between a buyer and a seller. We believe it is very important to discuss how samples should be selected and what type of communications should pass between a buyer and seller before a transaction takes place.

Samples of a flitch should accurately communicate what most of the flitch looks like. Some flitches that are extremely consistent from beginning to end can be accurately portrayed by one sample. Other flitches may take many more samples to accurately convey its appearance. We believe samples should convey what at least 90% of a flitch looks like. If a flitch cannot be accurately represented by a few samples, then it can be split into smaller flitches of consistent appearance.

The most important thing to remember is to sample your log so your customer won't have any unwelcome surprises upon receipt of the merchandise. We also highly recommend buyers and sellers review bundle tallies (when available) to properly communicate such items as the usable lengths and percentages of quarters in a flitch of veneer.


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