After determining the matching method between leaves and the match within the face, it must be determined how the panels are to match in any given sequence within an area such as a room. The least expensive of paneling methods is premanufactured stock paneling which has random matching between panels. Thus one panel may have a ten piece face, an adjacent panel a four piece face, and an adjacent panel a six piece face.
Correctly matching panels within a room or other area requires close coordination and understanding between the design professional and the woodworker or veneer supplier. It is necessary to sit down with a complete floor plan to determine how the panels should be matched to each other.

Grade: AWI Premium Grade, see Section 200 Panel Products and 500 Paneling, AWI Quality Standards
Species: Makoré, Block Figured, Half Round Sliced, in solid mahogany stiles and rails and panel mouldings
Match between leaves: Book Match
Match within face: Center Balanced
Core: Particle Board
Finishing System: AWI System #TR-05
Color: Natural panels, dark stain on solid wood
Sheen ±40 Gloss Units
Effect: Semi-Filled

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