IWPA Adopts Product Standard for Imported Wood Veneer and Platforms (IHPA-2000)

PRESS RELEASE: Alexandria, Virginia, May 17, 2000 - The Board of Directors of the International Wood Products Association unanimously approved revision of the voluntary veneer standard for imported wood veneer during the group's recently completed 44th Annual Convention in Tucson, Arizona. The new industry reference, Product Standard for Imported Wood Veneer and Platforms (IHPA-2000), supersedes Product Standard for Imported Hardwood Veneer (IHPA-1987).

IWPA Veneer Committee Chairman, Stuart Clarke, Clarke Veneer & Plywood, notes that "The new standard better reflects the current trend in the way veneers are being produced and used in the veneer and plywood market. Additionally some of the language has been clarified in order to make the standard more readable and understandable."

The purpose of the Product Standard for Imported Wood Veneer and Platforms (IHPA-2000) is to provide a basis of common understanding of the principal types, grades and other requirements for imported wood veneer and platforms produced for consumption in North America. The voluntary guideline is intended for use by North American buyers, distributors, architects, and world suppliers of hardwood veneer products.

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