Q-1 Digital Photography allows you to alter the appearance of a photograph. How do I know what I see is what it looks like?
A At Veneernet, we are committed to reproducing images as closely to the sample as our technology allows. We do not alter the photograph in any way other than fine tuning the color of the image after compression to match the actual wood being scanned. Individual monitors receiving transmission of images can degrade the color and quality of an image. We recommend using a high quality CRT monitor and not using an LCD screen. You can tune your monitor using these instructions.

Q-2 Can I send you a photograph?
A It is critical that Veneernet maintains our high standards of image quality. We accept digital photographic files of comparable image quality and file size as the ones we are exhibiting on Veneernet. Veneernet's photographic processes are quite different from typical digital photography and can't be duplicated using conventional digital cameras. If you think your images are comparable, please email them to us at admin@Veneernet.com and we will determine if they are acceptable for direct listing.

Q-3 What happens if the veneer I buy doesn't look like the picture?
A Veneernet's digital images accurately represent the samples which we photograph. If these samples are not representative of the flitch as a whole then the seller must accept responsibility for this situation. Please read About samples and sampling for sampling guidelines. Buyers should always request bundle tallies when available and discuss the quality with the seller in detail before purchasing a flitch.

Q-4 How do I know who I am corresponding with?
A When a buyer contacts a seller, the seller will be forwarded the buyers information from registration. The buyer can learn about the seller after clicking on contact seller.

Q-5 What if I am in the United States and the veneer I want is in Europe, Africa or Brazil?
A If you need a flitch in a hurry, you should only search for veneer on the same continent as yourself. Veneer can usually be shipped via air between the United States and Europe within one week and typically can cost as little as $0.03/f2 or $.32/m2 for door to door air freight. Veneernet can combine shipments from several Veneernet suppliers when the time frame is not immediate.

Q-6 Will Veneernet staff know when I sell veneer to a customer?
A No. Veneernet only hooks up a potential buyer and seller. What happens after that is only the business of the buyer and seller. Veneernet also does not have any information about correspondence between buyers and sellers.

Q-7 Can I put prices on individual flitches or text listings from me?
A Sellers may list any information they want. In most cases the seller will want to know a lot about the buyer before prices are discussed.

Q-8 How can I get credit information on someone who wants to buy a flitch from me?
A Veneernet can offer assistance in making credit decisions. Contact admin@Veneernet.com for details.


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