Portions of this material are reproduced with permission
from the Architectural Woodwork Institute.

I.       Anatomy of a tree
II.      Logging
a. Evaluation of a veneer log
b. Processing logs for slicing
III.    Types of veneer slicing
a. Rotary slicing
b. Plain slicing(flat slicing)
c. Quarter slicing
d. Rift slicing
e. Half round slicing
IV.    Grading Veneer
a. Veneer grades - HPVA
b. Veneer grades - IWPA
V.     Making veneer decisions
a. Communicating design intent
b. Selecting veneer
c. Specifying
d. Veneer Specification Checklist
VI.    Matching
a. Between leaves
b. Within a face
c. Sketch faces and special matches
VII.   Matching Panels
a. Pre-manufactured panels
b. Sequence matched
c. Blueprint matched
VIII.  Plywood manufacturing
a. Panel cores

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