Welcome to Veneernet.com, a new digital marketplace for wood veneer and associated veneer products. Veneernet brings veneer suppliers and associated veneer product sellers from around the world together with consumers in one place, dramatically improving the efficiency of the marketplace. Utilizing new digital technology, potential buyers and sellers communicate directly with each other. Each is given a profile of the other and can move independently toward completion of a sale without any third party involvement.

Veneernet was born out of a perceived need to reduce the substantial time, effort, and expense of purchasing and selling veneer. The cost of travel and access to high end veneer markets has become an expense often higher than the veneer itself. Developed by The Freeman Corporation of Winchester, Kentucky, in conjunction with several of our competitors and customers, Veneernet utilizes state-of-the art digital technology to photograph and present digital pictures of all different types of veneer. Veneernet operates as an independent company. We guarantee the integrity of the digital images viewed on our site. We also have a large amount of text base listings of other veneer items and associated products that make Veneernet the central location for anyone who works in any sector of the industry. We hope you find what you need. Please feel invited to contact us a Veneernet with your comments and suggestions.


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