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VENEERNET.COM BANNER ADVERTISING RATES banner rates are determined on a per impression (per viewing) basis at the following rates:

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*Level One
Rate per
For Sale with Photos $0.10
Virtual Warehouse $0.10
Equipment for Sale $0.10
Worldwide Directory $0.10
Employment Opportunities $0.10
 *Level one pages can be reached directly from the navigation bar. Level one banners are a minimum of $40 per month for a minimum of three months and a maximum of $150 per month for a minimum of three months

**Level Two (Photos)
Rate per
Veneer Flitches $0.15
Odd and Unusual Flitches $0.15
Unique and Historical Flitches $0.15
Dyed Veneer $0.15
Reconstituted Veneer $0.15
Embossed Veneer $0.15

**Level Two (Virtual Warehouse)
Rate per
Unprocessed Veneer Logs $0.15
Slicing Cants $0.15
Unprocessed Burls/Crotches $0.15
Backing Boards $0.15
Sliced Face Veneer $0.15
Rotary Face Veneer $0.15
Spliced Veneer $0.15
Core Veneers $0.15
Decorative Plywood $0.15
Platforms $0.15
Edgebanding $0.15
Flexible Sheets $0.15
Veneered Flooring $0.15

**Level Two (Equipment)
Rate per
Equipment for Sale $0.15
Equipment Wanted $0.15

**Level Two (Employment)
Rate per
Employment Opportunities $0.15
Seeking Employment $0.15

**Level two banners are a minimum or $30 per month for a minimum of three months and a maximum of $150 per month for a minimum of three months.

Additional Information:

VENEERNET.COM LISTING RATES is the best resource available for promoting your company and products to the worldwide audience of veneer buyers and users. By advertising on you know that only qualified buyers are viewing your product listings and advertising.

Listing Location
Minimum Contract Length
Flitch photography charge *$40.00 per screen image 3 months

*This rate includes photography charges as well as a three-month complimentary listing.  Each additional month is $3.00 per screen image.


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